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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Katsiyannis, Antonis

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Mackiewicz , Sara M

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Thompson , Martie


Data related to the adjustment to school of 86 children with disabilities who transitioned into formal school settings in the fall of 2011 were obtained through 31 parent surveys (Transition to School Parent Survey) and 64 teacher surveys (Transition to School Teacher Survey). Data from the subscales of these surveys were used to examine the predictive association between family preparation for the transition (as measured by parent satisfaction and parent involvement) and parent-rated child adjustment to school, and between receiving teacher support (as measured by teacher practices) and teacher-rated child adjustment to school. Findings from this study suggest that parent satisfaction, parent involvement (when considered in combination with parent satisfaction), and high-intensity teacher transition practices may be predictors of ratings of child adjustment to school. Furthermore, variables related to children, parents, and teachers also appear to affect the predictive associations between parent involvement, parent satisfaction, and teacher practices, and ratings of child adjustment to school.