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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Rao, Apparao M

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Skove , Malcolm J

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Daw , Murray S

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Marinescu , Catalina


In recent years, there has been substantial interest in the development of microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and even nanoelectro-mechanical systems (NEMS) for use in a wide variety of applications both as experimental tools (refs) and in a continuing effort to decrease the size and cost and increase the efficiency of electrical components. In particular, cantilevered nanometer beams have been a recent focus due to a number of interesting properties, including enhanced field emission, high tensile strength, and piezoelectric properties. The ability to accurately determine the electrical and mechanical properties of these cantilevers is paramount in assessing their feasibility as MEMS and NEMS components, as well as developing technology to utilize them.
In this thesis, a unique method for determining these properties is presented. By developing a fully electrical system for the actuation and detection of a nano-cantilever's mechanical resonance, an important step in furthering the development of NEMS technology has been achieved. The mathematics of this system are developed in-depth, for a pair of synthesized nanostructures, multi-walled nanoubes (MWNTs), and coiled carbon nanotubes (cCNTs), measurements of their material properties are calculated from their resonant behavior and a number of potential applications are explored.