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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction


Gillis, Victoria

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Reinking , David P

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Barrett , David E

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Stephens , Benjamin R


During the course of 13 weeks, a reciprocal teaching (Palincsar & Brown, 1984) intervention was introduced into two fifth grade inclusive, social studies classrooms to increase English language learners' (ELLs) awareness and use of metacognitive strategies. A formative experiment (Reinking & Bradley, 2008) was selected as the methodology, and both qualitative and quantitative data were collected to determine student-participants' progress toward the goal. Results of the data analysis guided the study, and the intervention was adapted to ensure students' moved steadily toward attainment of the established, pedagogical goal. The researcher and teacher-participants worked in a collaborative fashion to make adaptations to the intervention to best support the needs of the ELLs. Results indicated students' progress toward the goal.