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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Creager, Stephen E

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Dieter , Karl

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Smith , Rhett C

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Hwu , Shiou-Jyh

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Echegoyen , Luis


The preparation and electrochemical properties of donor - acceptor systems based on trimetallic nitride endohedral metallofullerenes (TNT-EMFs) for enhanced solar energy conversion is described. It was found that TNT-EMFs have an enhanced ability to stabilize charge separated states formed upon light irradiation when compared to empty cage fullerene analogues. The influence of the linker connecting the donor and acceptor moieties was studied in two different systems. Optimal conditions for preparing cyclopropanated Bingel-Hirsch derivaties of the most common TNT-EMFs were found; this functionalization approach is a very useful alternative to the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions that yield pyrrolidine derivatives, because the latter are sensitive to both heat and oxidation.
Novel D-A systems were prepared using this strategy and their electrochemical properties revealed that they form films by electro-oxidative polymerization. These films generate current under irradiation. Finally, the arcing conditions for the preparation of a novel sulfur endohedral metallofullerene family were optimized and their electrochemical properties were studied. Due to the high yields obtained, these new endohedral compounds may also be potential candidates to be used in similar applications to those found for other TNT-EMFs.

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