Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


Wang, Pingshan

Committee Member

Butler , Chalmers M.

Committee Member

Pearson , L. Wilson

Committee Member

Rieck , James R.


This dissertation investigates four circuit modules used in a CMOS integrated six-port measurement system. The first circuit module is a wideband power source generator, which can be implemented with a voltage controlled ring oscillator. The second circuit module is a low-power 0.5 GHz - 20.5 GHz power detector with an embedded amplifier and a wideband quasi T-coil matching network. The third circuit module is a six-port circuit, which can be implemented with distributed or lumped- lement techniques. The fourth circuit module is the phase sifter used as calibration loads. The theoretical analysis, circuit design, simulated or experimental verifications of each circuit module are also included.