Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Computer Science


Malloy, Brian A.


An infrastructure that supports interoperability among reverse engineering tools and other software tools is described. The three major components of the infrastructure are: (1) a hierarchy of schemas for low- and middle-level program representation graphs, (2) g4re, a tool chain for reverse engineering C++ programs, and (3) a repository of reverse engineering artifacts, including the previous two components, a test suite, and tools, GXL instances, and XSLT transformations for graphs at each level of the hierarchy. The results of two case studies that investigated the space and time costs incurred by the infrastructure are provided. The results of two empirical evaluations that were performed using the api module of g4re, and were focused on computation of object-oriented metrics and three-dimensional visualization of class template diagrams, respectively, are also provided.