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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Electrical Engineering


Butler, Chalmers M

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Xu , Xiao-Bang

Committee Member

Wang , Pingshan

Committee Member

Peterson , James K


In this dissertation is presented a collection of papers focusing on enhancing the efficiency of integral equation solutions of antennas. A method of incorporating network principles into the method of moments is developed. Scattering parameters are determined for two structures: a coaxial-guide/radial-guide junction present in coaxial feeds of monopole and dipole antennas, and a folded coaxial guide junction proposed as part of an inductive load below the feed of the antenna. There is excellent agreement among the data obtained from the proposed method, independent MoM solutions not incorporating network principles, and measurements. An investigation into electrically switching a folded coaxial guide to tune an antenna is made. Approximations for incorporating the electrical switching into the method of moments are suggested. There is discussion of genetic optimization of an antenna design utilizing a MoM solution incorporating network principles.