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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Public Health Services

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Windsor Westbrook Sherrill

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Lu Zhang

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Karen Kemper

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Jacob Kay

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Shea Fontana


Sports-related concussions (SRCs) affect approximately 3.8 million athletes in the United States per year. A multitude of risk factors including age, sex, concussion history and prior medical conditions have been observed to significantly increase sports-related concussion symptom burden. Researchers have posited many reasons to explain sex-based differences in SRC outcomes, often categorized by biological characteristics or sociocultural factors, however, females are vastly underrepresented in sports-related concussion research, making it difficult to understand the true mechanisms underlying SRC sex-based differences. The goal of this dissertation is to help fill the current gap in knowledge on sex-based differences in sports-related concussion outcomes. This dissertation examines the epidemiological, hormonal, and psychosocial sex-based differences in sports-related concussion outcomes.

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