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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Marissa Shuffler

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Dr. Thomas Britt

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Dr. Patrick Rosopa

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Dr. Nathan Hudepohl


Nurse turnover, which challenged healthcare organizations even before the pandemic, reached alarming rates across hospitals worldwide during COVID-19. Due to the unprecedented and stressful nature of the pandemic, recent investigations have focused primarily on exploring job demands and nurse turnover intentions. While job demands are critical to understanding turnover, this narrow scope ignores the possible influence of other factors such as job resources and demands and resources external to the work domain. This study utilized archival qualitative data from a longitudinal survey of Emergency Department clinicians to analyze research questions and hypotheses. The first aim of this study was to provide an understanding of the job and home demands faced by and resources available to emergency department nurses. Thematic analysis performed on responses from survey questions revealed 23 unique themes. Job demands were most prevalent, with the greatest number of comments (35% of total comments) and 11 themes. Needed Organizational Support was the most common job demand, and results highlighted that the most prevalent and valued resources pertained to support from, or interactions with, others. The second aim of this study was to determine the relationships between job and home demands/resources and emergency department turnover. Correlation and regression analyses revealed that job and home demands and resources were neither significantly related to, nor predictive of, turnover. The overall study results are discussed, along with theoretical and practical implications and opportunities for future research. Results suggest that emergency medicine nurse burnout is positively related to departmental turnover and negatively related to job resources.



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