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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Mark Small

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Bonnie Holaday

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Matthew Hudson-Flege

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Natallia Sianko


The purpose of this study was to investigate the work ethic strength, dimensions, and correlates in young people in Albania. The review of the available research concluded that, regardless of the attention that youth-related topics have received in the last decade, there was a considerable gap in the understanding of the state and correlates of the work ethic in this group. Using the Multidimensional Work Ethic Profile – Short Form, the work ethic strength and dimensions were explored in an Albanian sample of (N = 501) 18 to 24 years old, otherwise known as Generation Z. Data were collected via an instrument, published, and disseminated online through social media ads. The profile of participants was mainly urban and highly educated. The study found that work ethic of this sample of young Albanians was strong. Using as a conceptual framework the Bronfenbrenner’s systems theory, the association of microsystem correlates with work ethic was explored. Parental work ethic and support, the presence of a role model in the young person’s life, living in the rural areas and having completed secondary education, were significantly associated with the strength of youth work ethic. This study provides originality and value in filling in the gaps of knowledge around youth work ethic in Albania. It provides information on the relationship of work ethic with other factors and attempts to offer a predictive model of work ethic. The findings have theoretical and practical implications around programs addressing parental influence in young people, educational, human resources and management practices accommodating young people in the education system and the job market. The study discusses these implications as well as the limitations and future research directions of interest for the topic.



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