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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Engineering and Science Education

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Karen High

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D. Matthew Boyer

Committee Member

Cindy Lee

Committee Member

Bridget Trogden

Committee Member

Taimi Olsen


This case study project explored the benefits of peer-supported review of teaching (P-SR) as part of a faculty learning community (FLC) to help increase nontenured track faculty's confidence in submission materials for annual evaluations and faculty promotion. The high-stakes evaluation guidelines can be vague, and nontenured faculty may have limited submission support. The FLC format was used to increase submission confidence and understanding of effective teaching evidence by offering a space for collaboration and problem-solving in a collective and meaningful way. The literature supporting professional development using the FLC framework model has grown since Milton Cox introduced it in 2004. Research on the pros/cons of peer teaching observations for formative and summative assessment is also plentiful. However, there is limited research on its use with peer-supported review of teaching artifacts and teaching effectiveness documentation. The P-SR process forces instructors to examine and reflect on personal pedagogical practices. After reflecting, the instructor creates an artifact to represent effective teaching. This study found that this collaborative technique improved artifact submission confidence, and peer feedback promoted pedagogical improvements or changes. A design-based research lens evaluated this educational intervention's design, implementation, and redesign to share with other professional development offices. This coordinated strategy can benefit teachers' professional development and possibly student learning.

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