Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


International Family and Community Studies

Committee Chair/Advisor

Mark Small

Committee Member

Susan Limber

Committee Member

Patrick Rosopa

Committee Member

Laura Cordisco Tsai

Committee Member

Eddy Walakira


Human trafficking is a global issue. Denying its existence creates an atmosphere where it can thrive. Therefore, visibility is a key step in prevention. Human trafficking screening tools bring visibility to this hidden issue. Identifying individuals who have experienced human trafficking is essential for preventing it from happening in the future. Identifying survivors of trafficking allows them to be provided aftercare and opens the doors for prosecuting those who perpetrate harm against others.

This study validated a human trafficking screening tool and developed a standard for interpreting the results. This study aimed to develop a tool that could identify human trafficking victims among women who return to Uganda after migrating to the Gulf States for domestic work. It is designed for use at Entebbe Airport by immigration officials to determine a decision in less than three minutes. The tool was validated through content and face validation, as well as through testing its sensitivity and specificity. The tools classified 100% of the previously known trafficking survivor participants in the study as trafficking survivors. It also identified an additional nine women who were not known to be trafficking survivors prior to the study as individuals who experienced conditions consistent with human trafficking. The research identified three questions for each of the three areas critical to human trafficking. These areas are referred to as Ends, Means, and Process.



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