Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Brandon E. Ross

Committee Member

Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss

Committee Member

Thomas Cousins

Committee Member

Lisa Benson


This dissertation discusses a new structural system called a Tessellated Structural-Architectural (TeSA) system. These TeSA systems utilize architecturally appealing tessellations in load-bearing structures comprised of interlocking tiles in a pattern. This dissertation focuses on the design, construction, and structural behavior of these TeSA systems, as well as their value as an interdisciplinary learning tool.

This dissertation has 4 research objectives: 1) Demonstrate the fabrication and construction of a precast reinforced concrete (RC) TeSA shear wall system; 2) Measure the structural performance of the RC TeSA shear wall system; 3) Compare simplified shear and flexural analysis methods for RC TeSA shear walls to experimental results; and 4) Investigate how a collaborative project based on TeSA shear wall design may improve interdisciplinary competence and teamwork effectiveness of architectural and structural engineering students.

To simplify the discussion of the methods and results relevant to each research objective, the dissertation is broken into two parts: 1) development and testing of TeSA structures and 2) educational experiments analyzing the implementation of TeSA-based projects in interdisciplinary education.



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