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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil Engineering

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Dr. Kalyan R. Piratla

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Dr. Kapil Chalil Madathil

Committee Member

Dr. Da Li

Committee Member

Dr. Brandon Ross


The water utility industry is under enormous pressure to meet the challenges of increasing demands due to population growth, lifestyle changes, and depleting freshwater resources. The current and predicted future deficit scenarios challenge water supply managers to come up with a sustainable and reliable alternative source while making the supply infrastructure smarter and resilient. One such alternative source is the greywater that is available at the point of consumption itself. With certain limitations, there have been studies performed to evaluate the life cycle costs and expected monetary benefits of decentralized greywater reuse systems, but the public and health bureaus are apprehensive about the risk of diseases that may arise due to the placement of greywater treatment technologies very near to spaces of human interaction. In an attempt to address these knowledge gaps, the proposed study will evaluate the economic, reliability and public perception related implications of greywater reuse systems in order to evaluate the best combination of physical infrastructure and policy alternatives that will enable greater adoption of these systems and in turn enhance water supply sustainability. The specific goals of this study are to: (a) comparatively evaluate the life cycle costs and expected monetary benefits of decentralized greywater reuse systems considering a utility-scale implementation; (b) evaluate the supply reliability improvement when decentralized greywater reuse systems are installed to complement existing water supply systems; (c) evaluate the public perceptions towards greywater reuse systems and other factors that may increase its adoption. Overall, the proposed study will contribute to the body of knowledge in assessing the potential merits and limitations of decentralized greywater reuse and determining interventions that will help address the limitations to enable greater adoption of these systems.

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