Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Planning, Design, and the Built Environment

Committee Chair/Advisor

Vincent Blouin

Committee Member

Dina Battisto

Committee Member

Carlos Barrios

Committee Member

Linke Guo


Electrochromic glazing has been identified as the next-generation high-performance glazing material for building envelopes due to its dynamic properties, which allow the buildings to respond to various climate conditions. IoT technologies have improved the sensing, communication, and interactions of building environmental data. Few studies have been done to synthesize the advancements in EC materials and building IoT technologies for better building performance. The challenge remains in the lack of compatible design and simulation tools, limited understanding of integration, and a paucity of evaluation measures to support the convergence between the EC building envelopes and IoT technologies. This research first explores the existing challenges of using EC building envelopes using secondary data analysis and case studies. An IoT-based EC prototype system is developed to demonstrate the feasibility of IoT and EC integration. Functionalities, reliability, interoperability, and scalability are assessed with comparisons of four alternative building envelope systems. Nation-wide evaluations of EC building performance are conducted to show regional differences and trade-offs of visual comfort and energy efficiency. A machine learning approach is proposed to solve the predictive EC control problem under random weather conditions. The best prediction models achieve 91.08% mean accuracy with the 16-climate-zone data set. The importance of predictive variables is also measured in each climate zone to develop a better understanding of the effectiveness of climatic sensors. Additionally, a simulation study is conducted to investigate the relationships between design factors and EC building performance. An instantaneous daylight measure is developed to support active daylight control with IoT-based EC building envelopes.



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