Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Environmental Engineering and Earth Science

Committee Chair/Advisor

Tanju Karanfil

Committee Member

Brian A. Powell

Committee Member

Cindy M. Lee

Committee Member

David A. Ladner


Increasing water pollution, scarcity, and seasonal events force water treatment plants to improve existing treatment techniques and/or implement new methods to enhance drinking water treatment and comply with disinfection by-product (DBP) regulations. A limited number of studies examine the pre-chlorination prior to activated carbon (AC) adsorption for the removal of DBP precursors, and there are no comprehensive and representative treatment conditions in current literature. Although many studies investigated photodegradation of individual DBPs by low pressure ultraviolet (UV254) light, there is still lack of information and limited understanding of photodegradation of total organic halogens and practical implications of UV254 under realistic water treatment conditions. The main objective of this dissertation was to comprehend the mechanistic and practical implications of (i) the effects of pre-chlorination on adsorption of DBP precursors, and (ii) the photodegradation and the reformation of DBPs by UV254 in realistic applications of these treatment approaches.

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