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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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George Chumanov

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Leah Casabianca

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Ken R. Marcus

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Carlos Garcia


Nanoparticle synthesis is the driving force behind research and development in nanotechnology. The development of more tailored nanoparticles for different uses is increasing the need for more efficient and cleaner synthetic methods. The use of sodium silicate matrix for the synthesis of various nanoparticles is a novel strategy requiring minimum laboratory set up. Exploratory studies that are presented and discussed here highlight the robust nature, versatility, and multifaceted role this matrix plays in the synthesis of nanoparticles. This dissertation focuses on the synthesis and properties of plasmonic hybrid nanoparticles and metal sulfide nanoparticles. The introductory chapter highlights the importance of nanoscience and discusses properties of the silicate matrix in the relevance to the synthesis of nanoparticles. Chapter II describes the synthesis of novel core-shell silver/silver sulfide nanoparticles in the silicate matrix. New properties related to the interplay related to the scattering and absorption were discovered in this system. It is demonstrated that light absorption can be rationally engineered in these nanoparticles. Chapter III describes how the versatility of the silicate matrix was expanded to the synthesis of several other metal chalcogenides nanoparticles. Chapter IV presents a number of experiments related to the further expansion of the silicate matrix to the passivation of nanoparticle surfaces. These experiments lay the foundation for future work aiming for the synthesis of multilayered core-shell nanoparticles and higher nanoarchitectures.

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Chemistry Commons



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