Date of Award

August 2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Committee Member

Patrick J. Rosopa

Committee Member

Mary A. Taylor

Committee Member

Jennifer B. Bisson

Committee Member

Sarah Winslow


Previous research has shown that diversity in the workplace can have varying effects, depending on how well organizations manage their workforce diversity (Mor Barak et al., 2016). When organizations properly manage their workforce, they can reap the benefits of diversity while avoiding the pitfalls. Diversity training interventions are one way many organizations choose to manage their diverse workforces effectively while creating organizational climates of inclusion (Kalinoski et al., 2013). The present study explored the impact of four different diversity training interventions designed to promote greater awareness of gender and racial bias in academia and to promote bias reduction efforts. Compared to a control group selected using propensity score analysis, trainees from across all programs were more concerned about gender discrimination, perceived a more positive organizational inclusion climate, had more positive attitudes toward workplace diversity, and exhibited lower levels of sexism. The present study also examined the impact of COVID-19 on faculty willingness and ability to participate in voluntary learning opportunities. Faculty who experienced drastic decreases in the time they could dedicate to research during COVID-19 reported being less able and willing to participate in voluntary learning opportunities. Additionally, faculty with significant childcare responsibilities were less able (but not less willing) to participate in voluntary learning opportunities than faculty with no childcare responsibilities. The present study contributed to diversity training research and practice by further examining attitudinal training outcomes, using a novel propensity scoring approach to evaluate training outcomes, and studying the impact of contextual factors (i.e., the COVID-19 pandemic) on training participation and motivation.



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