Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. J. Wayne Patterson


Several different types of programs have been introduced to translate organizational goals into performance measurement and feedback systems that can be transferred to the shop floor level for employees. An overreaching assumption has been made that there must be subsets of objectives in order to motivate shop floor employees. In the field of human resources, performance management systems have been designed as vehicles for goal translation from top management to lower levels. The total quality management literature introduces hoshin planning as another formula for disseminating goals between layers within the organization.

An aggregate perspective on this linkage of performance and employees through employee management systems is presented using an approach that includes both the human resources and total quality directives. Open book management is introduced as an example of an integration of both systems. An intervention using open book management is conducted and the effect on employees and plant performance is reviewed.



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