Date of Award

May 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Education and Human Development

Committee Member

S. Megan Che

Committee Member

Carlos Nicolas Gomez

Committee Member

Andrew Tyminski

Committee Member

Susan Cridland-Hughes

Committee Member

William Bridges


This study seeks to examine and illuminate the ways in which girls in middle grades single-sex and coeducation mathematics classrooms construct mathematical Discourse. I implement a holistic case study design by providing an in-depth description of how girls engage in constructing mathematical Discourse both with other students and their teacher. There are two bounded settings within this study: an all-girls sixth grade mathematics classroom and a coeducational sixth grade mathematics classroom. The four individual cases for this study are Maria and Leah (Single-Gender) and Nautica and Jordan (Coeducation). The findings from this study suggest girls in middle grades

mathematics single-gender and coeducation classrooms construct mathematical Discourse (Moschkovich, 2003) through engaging in written, spoken, acted, listening, and interacted (Gee, 1999) mathematical Discourse (Moschkovich, 2003). Additionally, I found very similar types of mathematical Discourse (Moschkovich, 2003) and positionings in the single-gender and coeducational mathematics classroom.



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