Date of Award

May 2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Policy Studies

Committee Member

Lori A Dickes

Committee Member

Brook T Russell

Committee Member

Chad Navis

Committee Member

David M Wyman


This dissertation contains three articles that focus on several ways to measure human and social capital and their links to different entrepreneurial outcomes. The study begins by providing an overview of entrepreneurship policy research, highlighting the need for an interdisciplinary approach in this subfield of policy analysis. In the first article, human capital theory is used to understand variations in innovative behavior depending on the size of manufacturing companies in a developing economy. In the second article, factors associated with entrepreneurs' cumulative advantages in the financial system were identified by applying a novel statistical modeling strategy for the field of entrepreneurship research. In the third research article, an estimation of entrepreneurs' human capital impact on new venture performance is analyzed by applying a heterodox theory of human capital, widely used in entrepreneurship research at the regional level, but for the first time at the firm level. The dissertation concludes by providing a general discussion of the findings, policy implications, and potential further research avenues.



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