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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching and Learning

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Mindy Spearman, Committee Chair

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Mikel Cole

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Matthew Boyer

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Meihua Qian


The school library media center (SLMC) is a space in schools that can be overlooked when trying to reach students. The English language learner (ELL) population is a sector of the student population that is growing in the United States, and growing at faster rates in the state of South Carolina. With a growing population of ELL students, there are also misconceptions about the incorporation of native language materials in the academic setting. Being able to offer ELL students the opportunity to utilize their home languages can encourage the use of the SLMC. This study implemented an intervention to determine if the incorporation of native language materials for ELL students increased their participation in the SLMC.

This study implemented a convergent parallel design with a mixed methods approach. The study included an observation of a middle school library media center to track movements through spaces created by the library media specialist (LMS). This study also relied on interviews with critical stakeholders in the school and circulation data for the SLMC's literary collection, specifically the native language materials checked out during the observation. I also utilized a parental survey with ELL parents to include the perspective of this important population.



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