Date of Award

May 2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Education and Organizational Leadership Development

Committee Member

Hans Klar

Committee Member

Frederick Buskey

Committee Member

Russ Marion

Committee Member

Nicolas Gomez


The overall purpose of this study was to identify how school leaders, in particular principals, influenced culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy. The goal was to examine the development of culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy in teachers who perceived themselves as having a high self-efficacy in a pilot study (Bishop, 2018). In this explanatory multiple case study (Yin, 2018), I specifically aimed to understand how a leader influenced culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy in the context of cultural differences between teacher and student. I conducted an iterative, explanation building process, beginning with a deductive coding of theoretical propositions, developed from relevant literature. I then used the emerged themes from the deductive coding to inductively code data to operationalize leader behaviors. Initial theoretical propositions and operationalized actions included leader influences by (a) modeling of culturally responsive behaviors, (b) providing ethical contexts for cultural responsiveness, and (c) promoting transformative learning. Beyond leader influences, I also analyzed data deductively and inductively in an explanation building process to understand other influences to a teacher’s culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy: (a) personal experiences, (b) interactions with others, (c) and challenges to assumptions and beliefs. I concluded the study with implications for educational leadership preparation programs and leadership practices and recommendations for further study. The results could possibly aid in culturally responsive leadership development (reflection, professional development and higher education) and could lead to greater influence of culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy in culturally diverse school settings.



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