Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Leadership - Higher Education

Committee Member

Tony Cawthon, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Robin Phelps-Ward

Committee Member

Jane C. Lindle

Committee Member

Larry Roper


An increasingly neoliberal university means diminishing resources and labor security for those located in the lowest echelon, particularly those engaged in critical/radical/activist projects. The purpose of this study was to generate knowledge in an effort to sustain and advance critical pedagogical practices in college teaching. This study focused principally on the knowledge and insights of contingent STEM faculty who practice critical pedagogies in the neoliberal conditions of public universities. Utilizing critical and pragmatic perspectives, I explored both the ingenuity and practicality of the participants’ praxis as well as examined the structural machinations of neoliberal capitalism within their teaching and learning environments. I utilized a collective case study design to complete this study. The data sources were interviews, classroom observations, artifacts, and a questionnaire. The participants were four contingent STEM faculty at public universities in the state of Oregon. The results of the study are organized into four case reports, which are synthesized into recommendations for practice and future research. Practice recommendations consider the interests and goals of institutional leaders, faculty developers, and critical pedagogues. Research recommendations consider next steps for innovation in critical pedagogical practice and organizational change.



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