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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Yasha Jones Becton, Major Professor

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Clayton Copeland, Committee Member

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Aisha Haynes, Committee Member

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Linda Silvernail, Committee Member


This action research study describes how teaching an information literacy model affects the information behavior of sixth-grade students. The theoretical framework that supported this study was Carol Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process or ISP (1989). This study used a sequential mixed-methods design to examine the following questions: “How will teaching the Simple Four information literacy model (Alewine, 2006) to sixth-grade students affect their information seeking behavior?” The study also explored the effects the model had on students’ affective behavior through the second research question: “How will teaching the Simple Four information literacy model (Alewine, 2006) to sixth-grade students affect their confidence and anxiety levels when seeking information?” The participants of this study included one sixth-grade social studies class, comprised of 26 students. Data collection instruments included pre- and post-questionnaires, interviews, and participant observations. Results of this study indicated that there was a statistically significant increase in the self-efficacy and confidence levels of students after using the Simple Four model (Alewine, 2006). There was not a statistically significant decrease in the anxiety levels of students after using the model. Students found the model beneficial during their research tasks with the organization of their information, help in understanding and remembering sources, a reduction in negative feelings, metacognition, and the revision of their work.



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