Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Civil Engineering

Committee Member

Dr. Ashok K. Mishra, Committee Chair

Committee Member

Dr. Abdul A. Khan, Committee Co-Chair

Committee Member

Dr. N. Ravichandran

Committee Member

Dr. Charles Privette, III


The risk associated with managing water resources (flood or drought) depends on the adequate operation of infrastructure facilities (e.g., dams) with in the river basins. However, one of the major challenges to develop and operate infrastructures to meet stakeholder’s goal is to generate accurate hydrologic information (e.g., streamflow) for ungagged (limited data/data scarce) river basins. This process usually requires spatiotemporal hydroclimatic information, such as precipitations, streamflow, and groundwater storage. Hydrological models are useful tools for investigating hydrological processes in data scarce river basins with limited hydrological measurements. The overall objective of this dissertation is to develop a modeling framework to improve surface and groundwater resources management in data scarce river basins, located in different parts of the world.

This dissertation examines the improvements of the estimations, simulation, and evaluation of various spatiotemporal hydroclimate data for a river basin located in a semi-arid climate zone and poorly represented by actual observations. First, a modeling framework is developed and applied to investigate multiple bias removal techniques to improve the use of available gridded precipitation products in poorly gauged river basins; secondly, the study is extended to investigate hydrologic processes and to simulate streamflow for ungagged river basins using different precipitation data sources; and finally an integrated surface and groundwater modeling framework was developed to evaluate potential surface and groundwater resources in Tigris and Euphrates River Basin.



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