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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Patrick Rosopa, Committee Chair

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Dr. Robert Sinclair

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Dr. Mary Anne Taylor

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Dr. Sarah Winslow


Exit interviews produce a wealth of information that organizations can use to inform strategic action that will, ideally, increase the satisfaction and engagement of employees and, in turn, improve retention. This information may include not only the reasons why employees left but also how they view various aspects of their experience with that organization. These aspects of organizational functioning can be viewed as attributes of employer image, which have been shown to influence organizational attraction. The purpose of this study was to examine employer image and organizational attraction in a novel way- from the perspective of former employees. Results show potential for a new model of employer image attributes and organizational attraction that can be assessed using exit interview data. Specifically, voice, opportunity to grow, organizational support, and relationship with supervisor significantly influenced former employees' attraction to their previous employer. In addition, these employer image attributes influenced each other. Results also revealed that ratings on employer image attributes and organizational attraction can vary by the reason one left the organization, former employee gender, supervisor gender, and subordinate-supervisor gender match. These variations may provide insight into who might spread positive or negative messaging about the organization to outsiders, which, consequently, can influence outsiders' image of that organization. Ultimately, this may impact the talent level of the organization's applicant pool and the extent to which consumers use its goods and services.



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