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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Raymark, Patrick

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Britt , Thomas

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Moore , DeWayne

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Pury , Cynthia


Current job performance research distinguishes between task performance and extra-role performance or organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). While possible antecedents of OCBs have been studied, most research involves either personality variables or other employee characteristics (e.g., job satisfaction) while the environment within which an employee functions has been thus far overlooked. Such situational variables are aspects of the environment employees have little or no control over but impact performance nonetheless. The present study goes beyond prior research by investigating the role of situational variables on OCBs as well as their possible moderating effects on the personality - OCB relationship. Task identity and feedback from others was found to be positively related to OCBs directed at individuals while only task identity was positively to OCBs directed at the organization. Support was also found for a moderating effect of perceived autonomy on the agreeableness-OCBO relationship. Findings and limitations of the study are discussed. Directions for future research and implications for applied settings were also considered.