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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mathematical Sciences

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Dr. Elena Dimitrova, Committee Chair

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Dr. Oleg Yordanov

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Dr. Eleanor Jenkins

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Dr. Brian Dean

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Dr. Matthew Macauley


Work by Cushing et al. [18] and Kot et al. [60] demonstrate that chaotic behavior does occur in biological systems. We demonstrate that chaotic behavior can enable the survival/thriving of the species involved in a system. We adopt the concepts of persistence/permanence as measures of survival/thriving of the species [35]. We utilize present chaotic behavior and a control algorithm based on [66, 72] to push a non-permanent system into permanence. The algorithm uses the chaotic orbits present in the system to obtain the desired state. We apply the algorithm to a Lotka-Volterra type two-prey, one-predator model from [30], a ratio-dependent one-prey, two-predator model from [35] and a simple prey-specialist predator-generalist predator (for ex: plant-insect pest-spider) interaction model [67] and demonstrate its effectiveness in taking advantage of chaotic behavior to achieve a desirable state for all species involved.

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