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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Food Technology

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Dr. Elliot Jesch, Committee Chair

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Dr. Michelle Bohan Brown

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Dr. E. Jeffrey Rhodehamel

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Dr. William Bridges


Scientific research provides the evidence necessary to build an effective framework for health recommendations. In a population of young, healthy adults the recommended duration of an indirect calorimetry measurement period when measuring resting energy expenditure was a minimum of 10 minutes, with the first 5-minutes being discarded. A steady state period was achieved during the second 5-minute segment of a 30-minute period. Furthermore, in a population of young women, short-term standing energy expenditure was statically greater than lying and sitting energy expenditure. However, recommendations to stand instead of sit may be negligible as the magnitude of the effect of short-term standing was small when compared to sitting. Finally, MyPlate diet recommendations when combined with aerobic and resistance training were more effective at increasing relative aerobic fitness in young, healthy women when compared to Paleolithic-based diet recommendations and exercise. However, neither the MP or PD recommendations resulted in significant changes in strength or anaerobic power when combined with exercise. These results build the foundation for future research and the fine-tuning of health recommendations.



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