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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Computer Science

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Shaundra Bryant Daily, Committee Chair

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Kelly Caine

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Sekou Remy

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Larry F. Hodges


Recently, there has been a growing push to explore the potential of non-cognitive factors in helping students reach their fullest potential. Engagement, one predictor of student achievement, is such a factor. Because the conditions under which engagement is elicited may vary, EngageMe, a visualization tool, has been developed to assist instructors’ efforts to understand student engagement in the learning process. The application attempts to enhance traditional observation methods by utilizing electrodermal activity, a measure of physiological arousal, as a proximal indicator of engagement. An iterative, participatory design process was used to create prototypes of the EngageMe interface. The results of this design process, a study focused on the barriers to adoption of this kind of technology, as well as an exploratory case study are discussed. Finally, implications for future development are presented.