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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Civil Engineering

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Dr. Prasada R. Rangaraju

Committee Member

Dr. Bradley Putman

Committee Member

Dr. Amir Poursaee

Committee Member

Dr. William Bridges


Portland cement pervious concrete (PCPC) is increasingly gaining attention as a preferred material in selected pavement applications. This concrete has several unique features, which makes it an environment-friendly construction material. Its porous structure allows precipitation to infiltrate directly into the ground. This reduces accumulation of a large amount of storm water in areas of heavy storms and recharges the ground water system, thus reducing the need for expensive storm water collection and treatment systems. Also, it allows the pollutants on pavement surfaces such as motor oil, etc. to drain into the subsurface be treated by native microbes in the soil, rather than be washed off into storm water and pollute the receiving waters. Additionally, due to its high albedo value, PCPC provides cooler pavement surfaces.

While pervious concrete has several advantages, there are certain challenges with its production and operations which have hindered its wide-spread use. Lack of adequate mixture-proportioning methods that account for workability is one of the principal challenges. The workability issues in PCPC are related to various factors. Factors such as the open-graded aggregate graduation, the reduction or elimination of fine aggregates, the restriction on paste content and low paste flowability are typical reasons for the poor workability in PCPC, although these are the same features that render the PCPC function as they enhance the porosity in the mix.



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