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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Policy Studies


Bonnie Holaday

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Bruce Ransom

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Joseph Stewart

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Holley Ulbrich


This study discusses the ability of the Summer Work Travel Program (SWTP) to meet the objectives outlined in its authorizing legislation, the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. These goals include educational exchange between participants and the U.S. community, cultural exchange between participants and the U.S. community, and the promotion of peace exemplified by SWTP operators and the U.S. community. The study adopts agency and transaction cost theory to guide its discussion of the administrative relationship between the U.S. State Department and those designated as Summer Work Travel Sponsors. This study's findings include instances of informational and preference asymmetry between administrative actors. The use of intermediary placement agents by SWTP sponsors was found to be a source of opportunism. Policy and program recommendations are presented to realign the actions of the SWTP administrative actors with respect to accountability and effective methods of contracting.