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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design


Victor J. Vitanza

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Stephanie Barczewski

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Cynthia Haynes

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Beth Lauritis


In the following work I create and define the parameters for a specific form of humorous parody. I highlight specific problematic narrative figures that circulate the public sphere and reinforce our serious narrative expectations. However, I demonstrate how critical public pedagogies are able to disrupt these problematic narrative expectations. Humorous parodic narratives are especially equipped to help us in such situations when they work as a critical public/classroom pedagogy, a form of critical rhetoric, and a form of mass narrative therapy. These findings are supported by a rhetorical analysis of these parodic narratives, as I expand upon their ability to provide a practical model for how to create/analyze narratives both inside/outside of the classroom. Because these parodic narratives serve as an impetus for creative inquiry, I focus specifically on the importance of humor and play within the classroom and within practices of self-narration.