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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education


Sara Mackiewicz

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Antonis Katsyiannis

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William Bridges

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Janie Hodge

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Amy Milsom


This study examines the effects of the NAMI Parents and Teachers as Allies training on the Mental Health Literacy, Personal Beliefs, and Stigmatizing Attitudes of preservice teachers. A researcher developed survey was administered three times to the training group prior to, immediately following, and two weeks after the training. A nonequivalent control group was administered two surveys—a preliminary measure and a follow up measure—to provide comparison data for investigating the effects of the intervention on the group of preservice teachers receiving the intervention. Results of the study indicate the Parents and Teachers as Allies training is an inexpensive, relatively short training that positively affects preservice teachers’ knowledge, personal beliefs, and attitudes about students experiencing emotional and behavioral disorders or mental health distress or illness.