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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Applied Economics


Maloney, Michael T

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Tollison , Robert D

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Lindsay , Cotton M

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Warner , John T


ABSTRACT This study analyzes the determinants of the size of the hazelnut farms in Turkey within the framework of the theory of firm and transaction costs. This study argues that, for a farm production function, land is a complex input with many transaction cost-increasing interactions with nature. Natural effects, such as land slope and variation in the weather conditions, can increase transaction costs. Transaction costs are the costs of using the inputs necessary for production. This study utilizes two separate data sets in order to test if the predicted relationship between transaction costs and farm size holds. The first data set explores the individual characteristics of hazelnut farmers. The second data set explores the regional farm characteristics across hazelnut production regions. Based on the OLS and IV estimation results, it is found that holding other factors constant higher land slope and higher variation in rainfall cause a decrease in the size of the hazelnut farms.

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