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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Educational Leadership


Havice, Pamela A

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Brewer , Curtis

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Cawthon , Tony

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Fleming , David


Although women hold many professional positions, they are still held accountable to present gendered customs like parenting children. Additionally, women who work in higher education are surrounded by masculine norms. For academic women who are also mothers like the author, many obstacles confront their management of the interlocking spheres of home, work and self. An examination of these women's narratives will illuminate how women navigate the world of academia, while maintaining our roles as mothers and individual identities.
For women who are mothers of children under six years old, and who are also contingent faculty members at four-year institutions, both policies and literature in higher education provide scant support for faculty work and mothering. This dissertation aims to add layers to existing research and open the doors for additional research. An overarching feminist framework was used to show how mothers make meaning of the world around them.