Agronomic Crops

Herbicide Interactions with Insecticides

Clemson Extension Program Team


Publication Date

Summer 6-11-2023

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LGP 1168


Crop injury can occur when an insecticide application predisposes a plant to phytotoxicity from a subsequent foliar herbicide application. However, these products when applied individually normally do not result in crop injury. These interactions are caused by a reduction in the crop’s ability to metabolize these pesticides and/or environmental conditions that result in plant stresses that impact crop growth and development. Typically, pesticide labels provide a warning to growers about these potential interactions and what pesticide product combinations should be avoided. This article discusses herbicide products that can cause crop injury if applied following an at-plant pesticide or applied in a tank mixture with another pesticide. The target audience is agronomic crop producers in South Carolina.

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

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Agronomic Crop Producers