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Green Peanut Production

Publication Date

Fall 11-14-2019

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LGP 1028


Green peanut production can be a profitable venture for many growers in South Carolina from the small hobby farmer to large commercial growers. Like commercial peanut production, one of the most important decisions a grower can make is “which variety to grow?” Green peanut markets can be locally specialized. That is, consumer acceptance and marketability is influenced by factors such as pod size, shape, kernel skin color, multi-kernel pods, and flavor. Despite this influence of tradition, a bright-hulled peanut with good flavor usually sells well and develops a market. Valencia, Virginia, and Runner type peanuts are commonly grown in South Carolina for the green peanut market. Below is a description of each of the peanut types and some of the recommended varieties for each type.

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growers, Extension agents