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The genus Oropodes is characterized and revised with 18 species being treated. Members of this genus are found in temperate forests to desert brush lands from Oregon to Baja California, but are associated primarily with dry forests and shrub lands of California. Keys to males and Females, where known, are provided. Seven species are redescribed: O. arcaps (California), O. dybasi (Oregon), O. ishii (California), O. nuclere (California), O. orbiceps (California), O. rumseyensis (California), O. yollabolly (California). The name Oropodes raffrayi (California) is raised from synonymy and the species is redescribed, stat. n. Ten new species are described: O. aalbui (California), O. bellorum (California), O. casson (California), O. chumash (California), O. esselen (California), O. hardyi (California), O. serrano (California), O. tataviam (California), O. tongva (California), and O. tipai (Baja California, Mexico), stat. n. These species are
placed into three species groups: the arcaps-group, the orbiceps-group, and the raffrayi-group. Data for a new record of Euplecterga fideli are given, and a list of the unassociated Oropodes Females with distinctive genitalia is included with their label data.


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