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The Astrophysical Journal


The American Astronomical Society


Explicit Monte Carlo calculations are presented for the rate of Compton scattering and for the spectrum recoil electrons per gram at discrete depths within models of supernovae, with emphasis on the bremsstrahlung emissivity within supernova interiors. The spectrum of the bremsstrahlung emissivity is calculated at E to the -1.3 for a wide range of supernova models. The radial and temporal dependence of that emissivity is calculated for two models of SN 1987A and for one model of a Type Ia and of a He core explosion model of a Type Ib. The spectrum emerging from the surface, which is then evaluated by Monte Carlo techniques, was found to be sensitive to the photoelectric opacity and inverted by it, i.e., the spectral luminosity of the bremsstrahlung component increases slowly between 1 and 30 keV even though the emissivity declines with energy within that energy band. The bremsstrahlung luminosity was found to dominate that of the primary scattered gammas for E of less than 20 keV.