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Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific


Astronomical Society of the Pacific


We provide λ6708 Li I measurements in 37 metal-poor stars, most of which are poorly-studied or have no previous measurements, from high-resolution and high-S/N spectroscopy obtained with the McDonald Observatory 2.1m and 2.7m telescopes. The typical line strength and abundance uncertainties, confirmed by the thinness of the Spite plateau manifested by our data and by comparison with previous measurements, are ≤4 m˚ A and ≤0.07 − 0.10 dex respectively. Two rare moderately metal-poor solar-Teff dwarfs, HIP 36491 and 40613, with significantly depleted but still detectable Li are identified; future light element determinations in the more heavily depeleted HIP 40613 may provide constraints on the Li depletion mechanism acting in this star. We note two moderately metal-poor and slightly evolved stars, HIP 105888 and G265-39, that appear to be analogs of the low-Li moderately metal-poor subgiant HD 201889. Preliminary abundance analysis of G 265-39 finds no abnormalities that suggest the low Li content is associated with AGB mass-transfer or deep mixing and p-capture. We also detect line doubling in HIP 4754, heretofore classified as SB1.


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