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The Astrophysical Journal


The American Astronomical Society


We tighten previous upper limits on gamma-ray burst repetition by analyzing the angular power spectrum of the BATSE 3B catalog of 1122 bursts. At 95% confidence, we find that no more that 2% of all observed bursts can be labeled as repeaters, even if no sources are observed to repeat more than once. If a fraction f of all observed bursts can be labeled as repeaters that are observed to bursts v times each, then all models ( v - 1) f >~ 0.05 are rules out as 99% confidence, as compares to the best previous 99% limit (v - 1) f >~ 0.27. At 95% conficenc, our new limit is (v - 1) f >~ 0.02. Thus, even a cluster of six events from a single source would have caused excess power above that present in the 3B catalog. We conclude that the current BATSE data are consistent with no repetition of classical gamma-ray burts and that any repeater model is severely constrained by the near-perfect isotropy of their angular distribution.