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Summer 6-10-1995

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The Astrophysical Journal


The American Astronomical Society


We report the results of a 5 year CCD imaging program of small gamma-ray burst (GRB) error boxes from the First Interplanetary Network and an optical transient field. The fields include GBS 0010 - 16, GBS 0552-08, GBS 1028 + 46, GBS 1205 + 23, GBS 1412 + 79, OTS 1809 + 31, GBS 2006 - 22, and GBS 2252 - 03. A total of 274 hours of open shutter time was used to obtain multiple UBVI-filtered frames covering an area approximately twice that of the 99% confidence localizations. For 2070 objects in these fileds above the survey detection limit of V ~ 22, 79,000 calibrated photometric measurements were made. The objectives of the survey were to search for objects of unusual colours, variability, or proper motions. The final cesus of objects in these fields is consistent with the expected numbers of normal stars, galaxies, and proper motion objects based on statistics on large-scale surveys. While no obvous GRB optical counterparts were found, several potentially interesting objects were discovered, along with marginal evidence for a QSO excess at the rate one per high Galactic latitude localization. The results and implications are discussed in detial along with suggestions for future work.