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Physical Review Letters


The American Physical Society


We calculate the dephasing time Bof an electron in a two-dimensional system with a Rashba spin-orbit interaction, spin-polarized by an arbitrarily large magnetic field parallel to the layer. B is estimated from the logarithmic corrections to the conductivity within a perturbative approach that assumes weak, isotropic disorder scattering. For any value of the magnetic field, the dephasing rate changes with respect to its unpolarized-state value by a universal function whose parameter is 2EZ=ESOI (EZ is the Zeeman energy, while ESOI is the spin-orbit interaction), confirming the experimental report published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 186805 (2005). In the high-field limit, when 2EZ ESOI, the dephasing rate saturates and reaches asymptotically to a value equal to half the spin-relaxation rate.


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