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The Astrophysical Journal




The American Astronomical Society


The neutrino-nucleus reaction cross sections of 4He and 12C are evaluated using new shell model Hamiltoni-ans. Branching ratios of various decay channels are calculated to evaluate the yields of Li, Be, and B producedthrough the ν -process in supernova explosions. The new cross sections enhance the yields of7Li and11B pro-duced during the supernova explosion of a 16.2 M⊙star model compared to the case using the conventionalcross sections by about 10%. On the other hand, the yield of10B decreases by a factor of two. The yieldsof6Li,9Be, and the radioactive nucleus10 Be are found at a level of ∼ 10−11M⊙. The temperature of νµ,τ-and ¯νµ,τ-neutrinos inferred from the supernova contribution of11B in Galactic chemical evolution models isconstrained to the 4.3 − 6.5 MeV range. The increase in the7Li and11B yields due to neutrino oscillations isdemonstrated with the new cross sections


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