Is there common ground? An exploratory study of the interests and needs of community-based and faith-based workers

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National Collaboration for Youth and Search Institute


In the spring of 2007, ACA religiously-affiliated (RA) (n=89) and secular camps (n=214) from across the country participated in a study entitled “Is There Common Ground?” conducted by ACA, the Search Institute, and the National Collaboration for Youth. The ACA focus in the project was to explore the core competencies of staff working in both types of camps as well as their interests in and concerns about working together. The camp sample included a diverse set of camps, representing resident camps (64 percent); day camps (16 percent); and both resident and day camps (19 percent). Christianity was the most common religious affiliation of RA camps. Secular camps tended to be “independent nonprofit camps” (39 percent); “agency camps” (33 percent); or “independent for-profit camps” (22 percent).