Stained Glass in the Holy City A Catalogue of Ecclesiastical Stained Glass in Charleston, South Carolina

Eileen Grogan, Clemson University


Charleston, South Carolina, is internationally known for its characteristic architecture and commitment to historic preservation. A wide variety of religious denominations have been represented here since the city was founded in 1670, and ecclesiastical buildings play an important role in the city’s cultural and architectural history. Sailors returning to this early trading port dubbed it “The Holy City” for its church spires, so numerous they were visible even from out at sea. Many houses of worship on the peninsula are home to stained glass windows which date from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These windows are historically significant works of art, and should be preserved for future generations as an important part of the city’s history. The following documentation project provides an accurate account of existing stained glass windows in the city of Charleston’s lower peninsula, establishing a solid foundation for further research and preservation of the city’s valuable architectural resources.