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Water quality of streams, rivers, and lakes is a critical environmental health issue and must be protected in order to prevent pollution. Watershed-­‐based plans are one way to define and address current and potential water quality issues within a given watershed. This watershed-­‐based plan will take a detailed look at the Georges Creek watershed. This subwatershed located within the Upper Saluda River Basin has sites listed on the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) 303(d) and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) lists, making it a prime location to evaluate. The watershed-­‐based plan will prioritize areas and best management practices (BMPs) to help reduce pollutant loads. The proposed plan will address pollution sources, expected load reductions for solutions, nonpoint source management measures, technical and financial assistance, education and outreach, implementation schedule, milestones, load reduction evaluation criteria, and monitoring. Potential project partners for this plan include Pickens County, Pickens County Clemson Extension Service, Upstate Forever, Save our Saluda, Pickens County Soil & Water District, Pickens County Beautification and Advisory Committee, Easley Baptist Hospital, City of Easley, Rockland Farms, Emerald Leaf Stables, Appalachian Council of Governments, Easley Combined Utilities, and USDA – NRCS. Overall, this plan will serve as an aid to help keep South Carolina waterways clean and beautiful one watershed at a time and can be a model for identifying projects that when implemented, will lead to use achievement of that waterbody.