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Terminal Project

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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Planning and Landscape Architecture


Case Brown

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Dr. Umit Yilmaz


This project was primarily a study on media in landscape architecture and in particular the use of game engines. My work on this subject started when I began to question the means by which we so unquestionably depict our designs. As is typical in nearly all landscape architecture curriculum plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives are the still regarded as the defacto forms of representation for designs. This notion has largely gone unchallenged and to date little exploration, especially in U.S. universities, has been undertaken in what forms of media best represent and communicate landscape architectural designs. After searching numerous journals, papers, and online material I was led to a provocative paper titled “Dead Masterplans and Digital Creativity” (Turner, Tom 2000). The paper challenges the existing paradigms of how landscape architects and urban designers handle the design process and in particular its strict adherence to the masterplan.

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